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Automate switchover of Oracle E-Business Suite on Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle

Oracle E-Business Suite is a business application suite that includes financial, supply chain, human resources, and customer relationship management modules. Due to the application’s critical nature, it’s important to architect Oracle E-Business Suite for high availability and develop the ability to switch over the application and database as quickly as possible in order to minimize […]

Automate Amazon Aurora Global Database endpoint management for planned and unplanned failover

This blog post was last reviewed or updated April, 2022 to include unplanned failover feature. Important note: This solution relies on Route 53 control plane, which is only available in N.Virginia region (us-east-1). For an unplanned failover, if your primary Region is us-east-1 we don’t advise using this solution as it takes a dependency on the […]

Build a Modern Application with Purpose-Built AWS Databases

In this blog post, we discuss AWS purpose-built databases and how to use them to create rich experiences for your customers. We also walk through a detailed example of these databases powering different experiences in an application, and provide the tools you need to spin up the app for yourself in minutes.