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New AWS certification purpose-built to validate database expertise

AWS offers purpose-built database services that solve specific problems our customers face, so that they never have to make trade-offs around functionality, performance, or scale. Now, AWS is offering the beta of a purpose-built certification for builders with significant expertise in both on-premises and AWS databases. Here are the details you need so that you can be among the first to earn the AWS Certified Database — Specialty certification.

Available as a beta exam through January 10, 2020, this certification validates a comprehensive understanding of the breadth of AWS database services and how to accelerate the use of database technology to drive business transformation in your organization. The certification covers comprehensive database concepts including design, migration, deployment, access, maintenance, automation, monitoring, security, and troubleshooting. View the exam guide to learn more about what’s on the exam.

This is the first AWS Certification to focus specifically on expertise with database technology. Database variety has been increasing for AWS customers, creating demand for a new skill set for designing and recommending appropriate AWS database solutions for specific workloads. With this certification, there is now an industry-recognized credential for validating this differentiated expertise.

You can take the AWS Certified Database — Specialty beta exam at testing centers worldwide through January 10, 2020, and onsite at re:Invent 2019. Space is limited, so register today. The beta exam is available in English for 150 USD, which is 50% off the standard pricing for Specialty-level certifications. Results for the beta exam will be available approximately 90 days after the end of the beta period. If you miss the beta, the standard version is expected in April 2020.

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Beth Shepherd is the Product Marketing Manager for AWS Certification. She joined Amazon in 2019 and is based in Boston.





Bill Baldwin is the Head of AWS Data Days and the WW Tech Leader AWS Databases. He has been with Amazon since 2016 and is based in Atlanta.