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Loading data into Amazon Keyspaces with cqlsh

The Cassandra Query Language Shell (cqlsh) is an open-source command line shell that you can use to run CQL commands and perform database administrative tasks, such as creating and modifying tables. You can use cqlsh to get started with Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)—a scalable, highly available, managed Cassandra-compatible database—by loading data from a CSV […]

Learn to build NoSQL database-driven applications using Amazon DynamoDB with new edX course

Modern organizations are constantly looking for ways to get more value from their data, making it increasingly important for teams and individuals to understand how to build database-driven applications in the AWS Cloud. As the data landscape continues to evolve to include more cloud-based databases, an increasing number of developers are choosing non-relational databases that are […]

The Database Migration Playbook has landed!

We are happy to announce the availability of the first edition in the Amazon Database Migration Playbooks series. We plan for each playbook to be a step-by-step guide that aims to help make heterogeneous database migrations faster and easier and achieve “database freedom.” What the Database Migration Playbooks do The Database Migration Playbooks (a joint […]

Using the AWS Database Migration Service, Amazon S3, and AWS Lambda for Database Analytics

Jeff Levine is a solutions architect for Amazon Web Services. The AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) supports Amazon S3 as a migration target. The services enable you to extract information from any database supported by DMS and write it to Amazon S3 in a format that can be used by almost any application. You can extract the entire […]

Streaming Changes in a Database with Amazon Kinesis

Emmanuel Espina is a software development engineer at Amazon Web Services. In this blog post, I will discuss how to integrate a central relational database with other systems by streaming its modifications through Amazon Kinesis. The following diagram shows a common architectural design in distributed systems. It includes a central storage referred to as a […]

Welcome to the AWS Database Blog!

The AWS Database Blog will feature information for customers interested in running databases on AWS. You’ll see content from many AWS team members covering a range of topics, including the following: ·         Announcements about the new launches ·         Deep-dive and how-to guides ·         Best practices ·         Customer and partner stories ·         And more! To see future […]