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Learn to build NoSQL database-driven applications using Amazon DynamoDB with new edX course

Modern organizations are constantly looking for ways to get more value from their data, making it increasingly important for teams and individuals to understand how to build database-driven applications in the AWS Cloud. As the data landscape continues to evolve to include more cloud-based databases, an increasing number of developers are choosing non-relational databases that are purpose-built to meet their application’s specific needs.

Customers using database services must evaluate and choose the right database for the type of data, access model, and scalability that they require. Because of this, AWS Training and Certification has designed a course to teach you how to use our Amazon DynamoDB purpose-built database service.

Dive into NoSQL databases

To help you dive into NoSQL databases and the challenges they solve, AWS Training and Certification now offers the Amazon DynamoDB: Building NoSQL Database-Driven Applications digital course exclusively through our Digital Training Partner, edX. In this course, we explore a variety of Amazon DynamoDB topics including backup and restore, partition keys, security and encryption, global tables, and best practices. This course teaches you the following:

  • How NoSQL databases differ from relational databases and the challenges they solve
  • How to provision, manage, and interact with a DynamoDB table
  • How to secure your DynamoDB database
  • How to use partition keys and scaling options to ensure optimal performance

About the course

Amazon DynamoDB: Building NoSQL Database-Driven Applications is an intermediate-level course recommended for learners with prior application development and AWS Management Console experience, and for those who have completed the AWS Developer Series on edX.

Divided into four weekly lessons, with an estimated two to five hours per week of study time, this course features approximately 12 hours of video-based lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises. Learners can set their own pace and deadlines. Each week learners can also access optional quizzes to test their knowledge.

This on-demand course is available and offered on a complimentary basis for a limited period of time. To obtain a verified certificate, or to extend the availability of the course, learners should enroll in edX’s verified certificate track for a one-time fee of $99 USD and successfully complete the end-of-course assessment that covers all of the learning objectives and content.

Ready to gain hands-on experience? Get started at Amazon DynamoDB: Building NoSQL Database-Driven Applications.


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Jennifer Davis is the Head of AWS Training and Certification Product Marketing.