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The following diagram illustrates this architecture.

Cross-account replication with Amazon DynamoDB

Update: For loading data into new DynamoDB tables, use the Import from S3 feature (announced on August 2022). Hundreds of thousands of customers use Amazon DynamoDB for mission-critical workloads. In some situations, you may want to migrate your DynamoDB tables into a different AWS account, for example, in the eventuality of a company being acquired […]

Implementing version control using Amazon DynamoDB

Some applications require you to record changes to data over time, and you can identify these changes by a timestamp or number so it’s possible to retrieve specific versions later. In addition, you should be able to easily retrieve the most recent version and the design of the application to maintain data integrity as versions […]

Accelerating Nylas’s feature development with AWS Data Lab

This is a guest post by David Ting, VP of Engineering at Nylas. In their own words, Nylas is a pioneer and leading provider of universal communications APIs that allow developers to quickly connect their applications to every email, calendar, or contacts provider in the world. Over 26,000 developers around the globe use the Nylas […]

How caresyntax uses managed database services for better surgical outcomes

This is a guest post from Ken Wu, Chief Technology Officer, and Steve Gordon, Director of Engineering at caresyntax. caresyntax provides the needed tools to make surgery smarter and safer. Our solutions use IoT, analytics, and AI technologies to automate clinical and operational decision support for surgical teams and support all outcome contributors. We help […]

Running spiky workloads and optimizing costs by more than 90% using Amazon DynamoDB on-demand capacity mode

This is a guest post by Keisuke Utsumi, a Software Engineer with TVer Technologies Inc. In their own words, “TVer Technologies Inc. offers interactive entertainment services to users using a synchronized website with a TV broadcast.” TVer Technologies Inc. provides website and app-based interactive content for TV viewers in Japan. Many of our applications use […]

Restore Amazon DynamoDB backups to different AWS Regions with custom table settings

Amazon DynamoDB backup and restore provides simple, fully automated features to create continuous and on-demand backups of your DynamoDB tables and then restore data from those backups. With point-in-time recovery (PITR), you can create continuous backups of your DynamoDB table data. DynamoDB can back up your data with per-second granularity and restore to any given second […]

Building enterprise applications using Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and Go

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed service that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It is fully managed, highly available through behind-the-scene Multi-AZ data replication, supports native write-through caching with Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) as well as multiple global secondary indexes. Developers can interact with DynamoDB using the AWS SDK in a rich set […]

Make a New Year’s resolution: Follow Amazon DynamoDB best practices

As the new year begins, we encourage you to make a resolution to follow Amazon DynamoDB best practices. Following these best practices can help you maximize performance and minimize throughput costs when working with DynamoDB. Click the following links to learn more about each best practice in the DynamoDB documentation. Design and use partition keys […]