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2020: The year in review for Amazon DynamoDB

2020 has been another busy year for Amazon DynamoDB. We released new and updated features that focus on making your experience with the service better than ever in terms of reliability, encryption, speed, scale, and flexibility.

The following 2020 releases are organized alphabetically by category and then by dated releases, with the most recent release at the top of each category. It can be challenging to keep track of a service’s changes over the course of a year, so use this handy, one-page post to catch up or remind yourself about what happened with DynamoDB in 2020. Let us know @DynamoDB if you have questions.

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights

Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights for DynamoDB

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for DynamoDB

AWS Pricing Calculator

  • November 23AWS Pricing Calculator now supports DynamoDB. Estimate the cost of DynamoDB workloads before you build them, including the cost of features such as on-demand capacity mode, backup and restore, DynamoDB Streams, and DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX). 

Backup and restore

Data export to Amazon S3

DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)

DynamoDB local

Empty values for non-key String and Binary attributes


Global tables

NoSQL Workbench

On-demand capacity mode

PartiQL support


About the Author

Craig Liebendorfer is a senior technical editor at Amazon Web Services. He also runs the @DynamoDB Twitter account.