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Migrate billions of records from an Oracle data warehouse to Amazon Redshift using AWS DMS

Customers are migrating to Amazon Redshift to modernize their data warehouse solution and help save on their licensing, support, operations, and maintenance costs. To migrate data from an on-premises data warehouse to Amazon Redshift, you can use services such as AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT), Amazon Simple Storage […]

How caresyntax uses managed database services for better surgical outcomes

This is a guest post from Ken Wu, Chief Technology Officer, and Steve Gordon, Director of Engineering at caresyntax. caresyntax provides the needed tools to make surgery smarter and safer. Our solutions use IoT, analytics, and AI technologies to automate clinical and operational decision support for surgical teams and support all outcome contributors. We help […]

Building a customer 360 knowledge repository with Amazon Neptune and Amazon Redshift

Organizations build and deploy large-scale data platforms like data lakes, data warehouses, and lakehouses to capture and analyze a holistic view of their customer’s journey. The objective of such a data platform is to understand customer behavior patterns that influence satisfaction and drive more engagement. Applications today capture each point of contact with a customer, […]

How Zendesk tripled performance by moving a legacy system onto Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift

This is a guest post by James Byrne, Engineering Leader at Zendesk, focusing on data pipeline development and operations for the Zendesk Explore analytics product, and Giedrius Praspaliauskas, AWS Solutions Architect. Zendesk is a CRM company that builds support, sales, and customer engagement software designed to foster better customer relationships. From large enterprises to startups, […]

Simplify Data Warehouse Migration to Amazon Redshift Using New AWS Schema Conversion Tool Features

The AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) makes heterogeneous database migrations more predictable by automatically converting the source database schema and most of the database code objects to a format compatible with the target database. To help with migration of on-premises data warehouses to Amazon Redshift, the new version of AWS SCT adds the following important […]

Using Amazon Redshift for Fast Analytical Reports

With digital data growing at an incomprehensible rate, enterprises are finding it difficult to ingest, store, and analyze the data quickly while keeping costs low. Traditional data warehouse systems need constant upgrades in terms of compute and storage to meet these challenges. In this post, we provide insights into how AWS Premier Partner Wipro helped […]