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How Minted scaled their online marketplace on Cyber Monday 2019 by migrating to AWS cloud and Amazon Aurora

This is a guest post by Minted. In their own words, “Minted is an online marketplace for independent artists. Connecting a global creative community directly to consumers, Minted uses technology that enables products to be shared by independent artists who typically lack access to traditional retail outlets. Products available on Minted include works of art, […]

How Waves runs user queries and recommendations at scale with Amazon Neptune

This is a guest post by Pavel Vasilyev, Director of Solutions Architecture at ClearScale, an APN Premier Consulting Partner that provides a full range of cloud professional services. When executive management from Waves, a Y Combinator-backed mobile dating app, realized they were outgrowing their existing IT architecture on Google Cloud, they knew it was time […]

Scale Amazon OpenSearch Service for AWS Database Migration Service migrations

September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details. A common pattern for web application architecture includes a database for application data coupled with a search engine for searching that data. Many relational and even nonrelational databases offer rudimentary search capabilities. However, search engines add true, complex, natural-language search […]