Dear DevOps Abby

Welcome to “Ask AWS Abby” (or, congrats! it’s a blog!)

Hi everyone!

If you caught my tweet, you might know that I’m going to be an “internet agony aunt”! What’s an agony aunt? It’s someone that gives advice about personal problems.

In this case, that means personal internet problems! All things AWS related, even tangentially so, are fair game. That could be things like:

“Dear AWS Abby,

I’m having trouble setting up a CI/CD pipeline- I’m not really sure where to start. How do I get started? How do I know which system to choose, and how to create the different steps of my build?”

Or something like.

“Dear AWS Abby,

My co-workers and I both share the root account credentials for our company AWS Account, and we are always having issues finding out who did what. How can we avoid this?”

Or even,

“Dear AWS Abby,

My deployments are slow, and I’m not sure what’s happening, but it’s driving me crazy. I thought containers were the answer to everything! Please help!”,

Got it? AWSome (pun very much intended).


A couple of housekeeping items:

  • This is not a substitute for support! Support is great. If you have an urgent issue, contact your account manager, or head here for the different support contact links.
  • I can’t always answer a question- for example, I can’t give roadmap dates for services
  • I might not get to everyone! If you write in and I don’t answer, it might be because I can’t answer (see above), or because there are lots of questions! You’re always welcome to submit again.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to start with answering some of the excellent questions that I’ve gotten on Twitter, via email, and in person over the last few months. Expect at least a post a week here, and I’ll answer shorter questions on Twitter as I go. I’ll also be answering questions during office hours on the AWS Twitch channel.

Want to submit a question for me to answer? The fastest way is to Tweet me- I’m @abbyfuller. Just include #askawsabby.

You can also email me:

If you all are even half as excited as me, we’ll have a great time.

Wu-Tang forever,

AWS Abby

Abby Fuller

Abby Fuller

developer relations | agony aunt at amazon web services. abby tweets @abbyfuller, or you can email her at