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Improving the security of your web-based workloads with Amazon WorkSpaces Web

I am excited to announce that I will be presenting at EUC Innovation Day 2023 on how businesses of all sizes, from any industry can improve the security of web-based workloads with Amazon WorkSpaces Web. WorkSpaces Web is a low cost, fully managed, Linux-based service, designed to secure browser-based workloads. Whether accessing internal websites, using public or private Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, or just browsing the web, this session is for IT decision makers interested in enabling secure and productive end-user computing.

Today, an increasing amount of work is done directly in the browser. While the growth in web-delivered applications has been a boon to productivity and agility, browser-targeted attacks are a constant worry for IT teams. WorkSpaces Web makes it easy to improve the security posture of web-based work. End users access the service via their traditional, local browser client, though their “real” browser runs in the cloud. The look and feel of the browser is generally consistent, but the actual web applications and data are accessed and rendered on a hardened, non-persistent SE Linux instance. End users interact with web content like they always have, but the data is ephemeral, neither reaching the end point nor persisting on the cloud browser, which is terminated at the end of the browsing session. Instead of having long-running client software that can be compromised, in turn infecting a device and exposing corporate network assets to risk, the browser becomes an elusive target – disappearing, reappearing, and disappearing again. The browser remains virtually isolated from the end user’s device, dramatically reducing the threat of online attacks and data exfiltration.

WorkSpaces Web is easy to adopt, requiring no specialized client software, network appliances, or cost-inefficient licenses. IT administrators can apply fine-grained browser policies, easily establish allow/deny lists and data handling restrictions, and take comfort in knowing that their cloud-based browser is always up to date with the latest security updates, automatically. The fully managed service provides the option of a “set it and forget it” experience. As one would expect from an AWS service, customers pay only for what they use, with no wasted licenses or over-provisioning.

Please join me and my guest James McHenry from MelodyArc, who will provide insight into his company’s experience using WorkSpaces Web to empower their end users. Find the details of our session below:

Date Wednesday, September 13
Time 1:20 pm – 1:50 pm PDT
Free registration link
Presenters Brett Taylor
General Manager
Amazon Web Services

James McHenry


I began working at Amazon in 2008, spending 12 of those 15 years in AWS. I have had the good fortune to participate in a number of new product initiatives, including Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, the Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, and most recently, Amazon WorkSpaces Web. The majority of my career has been focused on the web, web services, and browsers. I am currently the General Manager for Web Browser Experiences within End User Computing here at AWS.