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.NET 6 on AWS

Congratulations to all the development teams and community involved in the .NET 6 GA release. .NET developers here at AWS are excited about the performance improvements in JIT compilation, Garbage Collection, JSON processing, and many other areas of the new release. We’re also excited about the new features including the Minimal API Framework, new data […]

Dive into the AWS SDK for .NET’s Runtime Pipeline and Client Configuration

Improve your application’s performance and make your application more resilient to transient errors by seeing how to configure settings such as maximum length to wait for a request to complete, or specify API request retry behavior. Learn what the AWS SDK for .NET’s runtime pipeline is and how to customize it and even how to add your own behaviors to each API request.

.NET 5 on AWS

As long time .NET developers, many of us here at AWS share in the excitement for the GA release of .NET 5. When benchmark results were announced at .NET Conf this summer, these results validated the focus on increasing performance over its predecessor — .NET Core 3.1. Including a 30% socket performance improvement on Linux, […]