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.NET 6 on AWS

Congratulations to all the development teams and community involved in the .NET 6 GA release. .NET developers here at AWS are excited about the performance improvements in JIT compilation, Garbage Collection, JSON processing, and many other areas of the new release. We’re also excited about the new features including the Minimal API Framework, new data types, Priority Queues, and more in this new Long Term Support (LTS) release and C# 10.

AWS customers have shared that they are excited about running .NET 6 as they look to scale their modernization efforts, supported by improved performance of the framework. Many organizations will want to target .NET 6 because it is a LTS release.

.NET 6 has improved performance for ARM64, and over the last 12 months we have expanded the number of AWS Graviton2 Processor options, providing customers with more choices to target ARM64 with their .NET 6 applications. Targeting ARM64 can add up to 40% better price performance over comparable current generation x86-based instances.

.NET 6 support on AWS Guide

AWS services and tools have started to add support for .NET 6. We have created a Guide that provides the most up-to-date status on .NET 6 support. If you have a question related to .NET 6 on AWS we invite you to create an issue in the repository.

And we’re just getting started!

Over the next few months, AWS solution architects, developer advocates, and software developers will continue to share why .NET 6 and AWS make a great combination to build modern applications. Please visit our .NET Developer Center to read more about running .NET on AWS.