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Serverless data engineering at Zalando with the AWS CDK

This blog was authored by Viacheslav Inozemtsev, Data Engineer at Zalando, an active user of the serverless technologies in AWS, and an early adopter of the AWS Cloud Development Kit.   Infrastructure is extremely important for any system, but it usually doesn’t carry business logic. It’s also hard to manage and track. Scripts and templates […]

Receiving Amazon SNS Messages in PHP

A little over a year ago, we announced a new feature in the AWS SDK for PHP that allowed customers to validate inbound SNS messages. In the latest version of the SDK, this functionality is now available in its own package, one that does not depend on the SDK, so it’s simpler to listen to […]

Verifying Amazon SNS Message Authenticity

You can now use version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby to verify the signatures of Amazon SNS messages. To help prevent spoofing attacks, you should verify messages are sent by Amazon SNS. The new verifier follows the documented best practices for verification, including: Always use HTTPS when getting the certificate from Amazon SNS. […]

Subscribing Websites to Amazon SNS Topics

Amazon SNS allows you to create topics that have many different subscribers to receive the messages sent from the topic. Amazon SQS queues and emails are probably the most common type of consumers for a topic, but it is also possible to subscribe a website. Setting Up the Website The sample application creates a generic […]

Testing Webhooks Locally for Amazon SNS

In a recent post, I talked about Receiving Amazon SNS Messages in PHP. I showed you how to use the SNS Message and MessageValidator classes in the AWS SDK for PHP to handle incoming SNS messages. The PHP code for the webhook is easy to write, but can be difficult to test properly, since it […]

Receiving Amazon SNS Messages in PHP

The following post details how to use version 2 of the AWS SDK for PHP to receive and validate HTTP(S) messages from Amazon SNS. For a guide on how to do so with version 3 of the SDK, please see our updated post. Handling inbound Amazon SNS notification messages with PHP is simple. In this […]

Subscribing an SQS Queue to an SNS Topic

In version of the SDK we added an enhancement to the SDK to make it easier to subscribe an Amazon SQS queue to an Amazon SNS topic. You have always been able to subscribe queues to topics using the Subscribe method on the SNS client, but after you subscribed to the topic with your […]