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New: Improved flexibility when configuring endpoint URLs with the AWS SDKs and tools

The AWS SDKs and Tools team is excited to announce improvements for configuration of the endpoint URL used for API service requests through the shared SDK configuration file and environment variables with the AWS SDKs and Tools. Previously, you could specify the endpoint URL used for AWS requests by setting the –endpoint-url command line parameter […]

Deploying Step Functions using GitHub Actions

Deploying AWS Step Functions using GitHub Actions

In order to achieve repeatable, secure, and automated deployments, it is necessary to set up a CI/CD pipeline. Typically, the CI/CD pipeline will lint configurations, build, test, and deploy your code and infrastructure using one seamless process. A common best practice for deploying your infrastructure and code to AWS is to tie into a source […]

Serverless data engineering at Zalando with the AWS CDK

This blog was authored by Viacheslav Inozemtsev, Data Engineer at Zalando, an active user of the serverless technologies in AWS, and an early adopter of the AWS Cloud Development Kit.   Infrastructure is extremely important for any system, but it usually doesn’t carry business logic. It’s also hard to manage and track. Scripts and templates […]