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Database Freedom: Let’s Take Off Our Database Blinders—For Good

Live blog post from re:Invent 2018, Las Vegas For decades, enterprises have thought of data in terms of the relational database model. It is a brilliant model and has solved many of the data-handling problems of early IT. With a normalized database schema, we could reduce redundancy and bring out the relationships between data items […]

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Patterns and Anti-Patterns at USCIS

In previous blog posts I have described anti-patterns of enterprise IT that we often observe in enterprises we work with, and patterns of successful enterprise IT that are their antidotes. To make these patterns and anti-patterns more concrete, I will explain how they have played out at my old organization, US Citizenship and Immigration Services […]

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Connect Your Technology and Business Strategies with These Two Frameworks

Enterprises working with AWS to modernize their IT infrastructure often do so within the larger scope of a digital transformation. These transformations look to go beyond technology, including goals to address the changes to teams, process, and culture that are required to enable the enterprise to move faster and with more agility. The enterprise leaders […]

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Effective Patterns for Enterprise IT

In the last post we talked about anti-patterns that often get in the way of enterprise digital transformation. In this post we’ll cover some good patterns. We call them Shrink, Strangle, Confirm, Cohere, Omit, Shorten, and Embed. Pattern 1: Shrink Reduce the size of deliverables. Make large projects into small projects. Reduce the amount of […]

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Anti-Patterns for Enterprise IT

Our Enterprise Strategy team meets with many hundreds of enterprise customers every year. We are able to see patterns in their digital transformations—ways of practicing and thinking about IT that work, and ways that don’t. In this post I will discuss some of the anti-patterns we encounter—IT mental models and traditional behaviors that just don’t […]

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Developing Next Level Leaders: A Conversation with Today’s Enterprise Cloud Leaders

As an Enterprise Strategist at AWS I get to work with executives from the world’s largest organizations as they drive digital transformation efforts. What may come as a surprise is that we tend to talk less about the technology and more about the people, processes, and culture needed to enable business transformation. A couple of […]

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