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Optimizing price and performance: How Dream11 gained up to 92% benefits using Amazon EBS gp3

With over 130 million users, Dream11 is the world’s largest fantasy sports platform offering fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, rugby, futsal, American football & baseball on it. Dream11 is the flagship brand of Dream Sports, India’s leading Sports Technology company, and has partnerships with several national and international sports bodies and cricketers. […]

Rival Peak

Genvid Rival Peak – Customer story

Most people may remember watching reality television such as  Survivor or Big Brother. Today, Genvid has brought a modern twist to this flavor of entertainment through usage of their unique, interactive broadcasting services. Rival Peak has viewers cheer on their favorite of 12 different AI-controlled contestants and help them complete tasks around a mysterious part […]

Dofus wallpaper from Ankama

How Ankama shifted its analytics into the cloud using Amazon Redshift

The creatively inspired studio behind Dofus and Wakfu explains how it transformed data into insights with new architecture and data warehousing. The games industry is fierce in its competitiveness and remarkable in its creativity, but few studios are as immersive in their world building across multiple media as Ankama. The studio takes each of these […]