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AWS for Semiconductor Design, Verification, and Fabrication

It’s no secret that speed-to-market is driving a new competitive reality in the semiconductor industry. For both chip manufacturing and design, the pressure to stay ahead of the curve is forcing semiconductor companies to gain greater control of their supply chains, react to changing business realities, and deliver high quality products to customers at a faster rate. The cloud allows semiconductor firms—whether they are fabless, integrated, design services, or IP providers—to accelerate innovation, take more risks, run more experiments, and get the next advanced silicon product into the foundry pipeline faster.

In this new video, we share how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help companies like Arm increase the pace of innovation, get chips to market faster, and enable rapid chip development, including Electronic Design Automation. Hear from Tim Thornton, Director of Arm-Based Engineering at ARM Limited, and learn how they are working to harness the benefits that cloud computing, including the new Arm-based Graviton2 instances, can offer to silicon design teams in this highly competitive environment.

Arm on Arm on AWS – Digital Verification with Graviton2

Thornton shares how the company is using Arm-based instances on AWS to develop and characterize Arm processor intellectual property (IP) on AWS—or in other words, “Arm on Arm on AWS”—demonstrating how the adoption of this solution was driven by the need for greater flexibility. As Thornton says, “A large amount of compute can be required at a fairly short notice in order to satisfy our customer demand. That means that integrating the flexibility of cloud computing into our current infrastructure is an obvious way of allowing us to deal with such a dynamic workload more efficiently”.

The experiences at Arm represent the benefits that other semiconductor firms are seeing as they migrate EDA and related workloads to cloud. Customers tell us that a major motivation for cloud adoption in semiconductor design and verification is to better optimize and utilize the most valuable resources these companies have: their silicon designers and verification engineers. Customers also tell us that secure collaboration is important, including protecting critical IP when working with external partners such as EDA vendors, IP providers, and foundries. The cloud has proven to be the right solution for secure collaboration, as highlighted in this video.

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Why AWS Cloud?

AWS offers a secure, agile, and scalable platform with a comprehensive set of services and solutions for high performance design, verification, and smart manufacturing, supporting EDA and rapid semiconductor innovation in the cloud. Semiconductor companies, including fabless and integrated device manufacturers, and their IP and foundry partners can benefit from the massive scale of AWS infrastructure to design next gen connected products.

  • Innovate faster – Prototype, design, and verify complex systems-on-chip, using scalable cloud resources for Electronic Design Automation (EDA).
  • Collaborate better – Work seamlessly and securely with third-party partners including IP providers, EDA software vendors, and manufacturing service partners (foundries, OSATS, contract, and original device manufacturers).
  • Reduce risk – Advanced Silicon and system verification is becoming increasingly complex. Mistakes can cost millions if not billions of dollars for larger companies.
  • Reduce cost – Stop wasting CAPEX on IT and stop wasting valuable engineering time.

Want to learn more? Go to AWS for Semiconductor and Electronics to explore our solutions, download resources, and read customer case studies.

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