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Scaling Synopsys Proteus optical proximity correction on AWS

Introduction Photolithography is a key step in the manufacturing of semiconductor chips. Photolithography works by shining light (laser) through a pattern (mask) onto a silicon wafer with photosensitive coating (resist). This changes the properties of the coating allowing manufactures to chemically remove the parts of the coating based on the exposure or lack of exposure […]

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AWS and Arm help semiconductor companies innovate faster with increased flexibility

AWS for Semiconductor Design, Verification, and Fabrication It’s no secret that speed-to-market is driving a new competitive reality in the semiconductor industry. For both chip manufacturing and design, the pressure to stay ahead of the curve is forcing semiconductor companies to gain greater control of their supply chains, react to changing business realities, and deliver […]

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Scaling EDA Workloads using Scale-Out Computing on AWS

  Introduction Semiconductor and electronics companies using electronic design automation (EDA) applications can significantly accelerate their product development lifecycle and time to market by taking advantage of the near infinite compute, storage, and other resources available on AWS. In this workload enablement blog post, I provide architectural and system-level guidance to build out an environment […]

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