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National Information Solutions Cooperative Selects AWS as its Preferred Cloud Provider

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of software solutions to utility and broadband providers, has selected AWS as its preferred cloud supplier to support ongoing development of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for customers. NISC will use AWS to expand the capabilities of its current offerings including meter data management while also building new cloud-native solutions for customers on AWS. Leveraging AWS’s extensive portfolio of cloud capabilities, including analytics, machine learning, serverless, compute, storage, and database, NISC will develop and scale cloud-based solutions and services for its customers, meeting and strengthening stringent security, privacy, and compliance standards.

With a heritage that started in 1967, NISC (pronounced by vocalizing each letter, “N-I-S-C”) has a mission to deliver information technology solutions and services that are Member and customer focused, quality driven, and value priced. NISC provides a full enterprise suite of solutions in areas including financials, service, operations, and marketing, along with offerings for data analysis, customer engagement, and cybersecurity. IDG Insider Pro and Computerworld named NISC a best place to work in information technology, ranking NISC seventh among midsize organizations (1,001–4,999 employees).

Cooperative Values Meet Shared Needs

Because utility cooperatives are owned by Members with very similar needs and businesses, they’re often guided by the cooperative values of integrity, relationships, innovation, teamwork, empowerment, and personal development that guide NISC, and align well with AWS’s leadership principles.

“NISC and AWS both represent excellence in their fields,” says Dave Bonnett, NISC Vice President of Product Management. “The AWS approach to customer obsession has lined up well with our vision to enhance the success of our Member-Owners by providing world-class information technology solutions while building lasting business relationships.”

NISC Members include more than 880 electric cooperatives, public utility districts, broadband organizations, municipalities, and public power entities serving more than 20 million end consumers across all 50 states as well as in American Samoa, Canada, and Palau. NISC’s payroll products calculate more than 1.2 million paychecks annually and track an annual payroll in excess of $3.5 billion for 46,000 professionals employed by NISC Members. NISC is owned by the Members it serves and is governed by a 14-person Board of Directors, who are elected by Members.

AWS Supports NISC Member Information Conference (MIC) 2021

As part of the partnership with NISC, AWS Power & Utilities sponsored the 2021 NISC Member Information Conference (MIC) in Louisville, Kentucky, Sept. 13–16, where AWS Director of Customer Solutions Joseph Santamaria presented a keynote panel on cloud for utility cooperatives and broadband companies.

MIC has been held for more than 50 years, bringing together NISC Members, staff, partners, and friends for a dynamic week of learning, networking, and fun. At MIC 2021, more than 100 sessions were offered to help Members and invited guests to gain a better understanding of NISC solutions and greater efficiency in use of the iVUE Enterprise System.

NISC Member Information Conference 2021

Eero, an Amazon company, also supported MIC. Eero features a mesh system that brings Wi-Fi down halls, around walls, and to every corner of a home. Unlike a traditional router—which can leave some rooms out of Wi-Fi’s reach—an eero system uses multiple devices that work together harmoniously to send connection in every direction.

“NISC is looking forward to working with AWS to innovate on behalf of our members, Bonnett says. “We’ve already seen the positive impact of AWS for NISC with significant cost and performance improvements. We’re looking forward to building on our success together in the years to come.”

Visit NISC or AWS Power & Utilities for more information.

About NISC

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is an information technology cooperative that delivers advanced solutions, services, and support to rural utilities and independent broadband companies throughout the United States, as well as American Samoa, Palau, and Canada.

Don McDonnell

Don McDonnell

Don McDonnell serves as global segment lead utilities for Amazon Web Services partner network. When not helping partners build and grow on AWS, Don volunteers serving on the board of trustees of non-profits and Goshen Valley, Georgia’s top-rated foster agency provider.