AWS for Industries

Power and Utility Path to Production in the AWS Cloud

We talk about cloud adoption as a journey. That’s because it takes exploration to understand your own business goals and to learn about the cloud capabilities available for you to reach those goals. It also takes collaboration and planning to do things right. At AWS, we look for ways to break down the customer journey into manageable parts, to innovate, and simplify. So, today we released a new guide available for download here: Power & Utility Path to Production in the Cloud.

This infographic guide assists utilities in envisioning how to implement a cloud journey and to consider the people, obligations and resources involved in supporting cloud adoption. We recognize that power & utility customers have to consider operational factors and, potentially, regulatory compliance requirements for their cloud workloads, so we made sure to prioritize those steps in the process. The infographic guide follows our eBook: The Utility Executive’s Guide to Cloud Security. Security remains a priority for power & utility customers and the guide is an available reminder of security controls for identity and access management, threat detection, infrastructure protection, data protection, incident response, and compliance.

For additional information and resources visit the AWS power and utilities compliance and security website.