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Identity and access management solution on aws

Identity and Access Management solution on AWS

With competition for customers, the user experience is critical to the success of a retail website. A great deal of time is spent tuning photos, the number of clicks, and looking at cart abandon rates. But what if you are losing customers before they even get through the front door? Set yourself apart by embracing […]


Acoustic gains 10X throughput rates modernizing their Send Engine on AWS

It is critical for marketing technology campaign platforms to send rich content, dynamically sourced, from their customer’s datasets to drive hyper personalized and relevant messaging to customers. The ability to seamlessly scale during multiple critical times of the year to meet high customer data volume demand, in real-time, can be resource challenging. Acoustic’s modernized Send […]

Banking Trends 2022: Cyber vault and Ransomware

Ransomware, a malicious software that is designed to disrupt, damage, and/or gain unauthorized access to a computer system and its data, has been on the rise. As per Sophos, 34% of financial services organizations that were surveyed indicated that they had been hit by ransomware in 2020. Moreover, 51% of those attacks succeeded in encrypting […]

Enrich Amazon Comprehend Medical with Custom Code and Models

Enrich Amazon Comprehend Medical with Custom Code and Models

Extracting important information from unstructured medical texts (e.g., transcribed physician notes) is a key step in understanding the content of such documents, yet many healthcare and life sciences organizations struggle with this. Manually extracting the data is a time-consuming process, while automated rule-based attempts to extract the data don’t capture the full story as they […]