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Visit AWS at SEMICON West and DAC, July 12-14 in San Francisco, CA

This year AWS is excited to exhibit at SEMICON West in San Francisco, July 12-14, 2022. Read this blog to learn more about the show, our booth exhibit, speaking sessions, and opportunities to engage with us at both SEMICON West and DAC.

One ticket, two conferences! About SEMICON West and DAC

SEMICON West 2022 connects the entire extended electronics supply chain—in one place, at one time. It’s the smart way to re-connect with your contacts, customers, partners, plus drive your business forward. Who should attend? SEMICON West attracts business and technology leaders, researchers, and industry analysts from across the microelectronics supply chain. Use this link to register.

This year, SEMICON West is colocated with the Design Automation Conference, (DAC). As the premier conference for the design and design automation of electronic circuits and systems, the 59th Design Automation Conference program has expanded to also include verticals closely integrated with and/or dependent on cutting-edge electronic design automation. Along with a large exhibit floor featuring top EDA, design on cloud, and IP companies, DAC offers outstanding training, education, and superb networking opportunities for designers, researchers, tool developers, and vendors.

If you want to attend both shows, you can purchase a ticket here and explore both SEMICON and DAC’s expo halls.

Visit our booth #261, at SEMICON West

Visit the AWS booth, #261 located in the South Hall of the Moscone Center. We will be showcasing four demos across the entire semiconductor value chain, ranging from EDA, to smart fab manufacturing, to delivering the next generation of connected products.

Onsite demos

  • Traceability for secure supply chain. AWS and Vendia help customers ensure dye fabrication traceability across systems and organizations—while protecting IP—with the world’s most powerful real-time data sharing platform. Link to Blog. 
  • Building sustainable products
  • Manufacturing analytics for semiconductors
  • Use Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP to accelerate mask write times

Request a meeting with an AWS representative

Semiconductor organizations are reinventing how they innovate, make data-driven operational decisions, and deliver the next generation of connected products. We look forward to showing you how we can be your trusted technology and innovation partner for the global semiconductor industry, providing unmatched speed, reliability, and data privacy. If you want to meet with one of our experts, request to schedule a meeting with an AWS representative. 

Recommended programs to attend

Global Sustainability Summit, Wednesday, July 13,  9:00am–6:30pm

Location: Keynote Stage, North Hall, Room 24

Brought to you by SEMI with knowledge partner McKinsey & Company, the Global Sustainability Summit will tackle current issues facing the electronics design and manufacturing supply chain and how the semiconductor industry can help take action collaboratively.

Morning session keynotes focus on—

  • A high-level view of the industry’s sustainability challenge.
  • Expectations from semiconductor customers.
  • Climate finance and investment trends in sustainability and semiconductors.
  • Business risks related to climate
  • Climate technologies that will disrupt and accelerate the sustainability transition

Afternoon session introduces other industries’ best practices + two parallel breakout sessions—

  • Emissions reduction.
  • Zero-carbon fabs.
  • Building renewable energy and decarbonization ecosystems across geographies.
  • How the semiconductor industry influences the sustainability performance of its customers.

View the full agenda and registration info

SEMI Market Symposium, Monday July 11, 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: South Hall, Level 3, Room 301

Kicking off SEMICON West, the SEMI Market Symposium provides a midyear market update of key market trends and drivers as well as a forum to discuss pertinent business issues. Speakers will present market forecasts and analysis for the semiconductor, equipment, materials and other industries in the electronics design and manufacturing supply chain.

View the full agenda and registration info

Attend an AWS speaking session

Silicon Trends in High Performance Cloud Computing

Monday, July 11 2022 | 1:05-1:30PM | Moscone South Hall, Level 3, Room 301

Description: High performance computing (HPC) has evolved, over a period of many decades, from being a specialized and expensive technology supporting only the most advanced areas of science and research, into a pervasive and widely available area of technology that impacts all of us, from how products are designed and simulated, to how weather is more accurately forecast, to how medicines are more quickly developed and brought to market. Integrated circuits and advanced systems-on-chip underlie all HPC technologies. And in fact, the design, verification, and manufacturing of semiconductor devices that enable HPC would not be possible without ever-improving HPC technologies to enable ever-more challenging simulation, verification, and manufacturing workloads. In the past decade, cloud has emerged as a cost-effective and high-performance alternative for the most challenging HPC workloads, enabled in large part by silicon-level innovations that continue to increase the power of cloud. This talk highlights the most exciting trends in cloud-based HPC and the technologies that enable HPC on the cloud, for a range of industries and use-cases including the expanding domains of AI/ML and simulation-driven science and engineering including the emergence of digital twin technologies.

Session Speaker: David Pellerin, Director of Industry Solutions, HiTech/Semiconductor, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What can EDA and the Electronics Ecosystem Do for Greener Electronics to Save the Planet? (Link to session)

Tuesday, July 12 2022 | 3:00-3:45PM | DAC Expo Pavilion

Description: We are in the midst of the roaring 20s of hyperconnectivity, fueling a golden era for semiconductors and electronic systems. We are developing 5G, hyperscale computing, autonomy & electrification in automotive, the industrial IoT, and AI/ML. From 2010 to 2018, global data center energy consumption “only” grew a surprising 6%, while workloads increased more than six-fold, internet traffic increased 10-fold, and storage capacity rose by 25X. But what will the future hold? Sustainability has become much more than lip service. Gen Z already has the largest share of the world’s population and has made it crystal clear that sustainability is critical to our future and will drive their purchasing decisions. This panel will discuss the state and role of sustainability in EDA and electronics today and discuss key trends that will shape the next decade. What are the most significant areas to focus on? Will advances in semiconductor technology, processor, memory and system architectures, and electronic design automation keep power and energy consumption in check while providing the advances in performance that the era of hyperconnectivity demands? Can we transition to electric cars fast enough? Will consumer experiences in AR/VR be possible while maintaining sustainability? How central will the IoT be for the enablement of sustainable engineering?

AWS Speaker: David Pellerin, Director of Industry Solutions, HiTech/Semiconductor, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Hands-on Lab: Build a Hybrid Burst to Cloud environment with NetApp “Design Anywhere” Cloud-Bursting EDA Workloads with bi-directional caching of job data. (Link to session)

Tuesday, July 12 2022 | 2:15-5:15PM | Design on Cloud Pavilion, Level 2 DAC expo hall

Get Hands-on: You will get your own AWS hybrid on-prem lab-on-demand environment. Use NetApp’s cloud manager to create a Cloud Volume ONTAP (CVO) storage management instance in AWS. Connect the CVO instance to the On-Prem ONTAP instance in a peering relationship. Create a FlexCache volume in AWS, instantly replicating EDA Tools and Libraries into the Cloud. Experience first-hand how easy and instantaneous large volumes of design data can be replicated into the cloud – without the need for scripting or other automation tools for synchronizing data. Create a “Reverse Cache” replicating a EDA Scratch volume in AWS, back to the on-prem datacenter

Speakers: Eran Brown, AWS; Michael Johnson, NetApp

Concurrent Package + Interposer + Die IR Analysis using Ansys’ RedHawk-SC Electrothermal

Tuesday, July 12th | 5:00pm – 6:00pm | Level 2 Exhibit Hall

DescriptionIR/EM Analysis is an integral part of the sign-off process. As chips get larger, simulating the entire power grid becomes more challenging for EDA tools and the supporting infrastructure. 2.5D and 3D IC integration adds to the challenge. We need a way to concurrently analyze the package, interposer and die to make sure that all IR hot spots are accurately modeled and simulated. The sheer size of the DB makes IR analysis both runtime and memory intensive. We address this challenge by using Ansys’ RedHawk-SC Electrothermal running on AWS’ cloud. Another challenge we face is with settling times of dynamic simulations. Large L,C values from the board + package model can make the simulation settling time of dynamic analysis very large. Further, the varying nature of demand current when using VCD/FSDB vectors also contributes to the settling time issue. To address this settling time challenge, we developed a methodology to slice and repeat the vectors and use that for pre-simulation and simulation. In this presentation we demonstrate how we faced these challenges and successfully ran a concurrent dynamic analysis for a large 2.5D custom chip developed for training deep learning models.

Speaker: Nikhil Jayakumar, Amazon

AWS Enables Edge to Cloud Continuum

Tuesday, July 12th | 2:30pm – 2:50pm | IFS Session Theater Booth #2325

Speaker: Namrata Sharma, AWS

See you there!

For all other information on AWS for Semiconductor, check out our website here. 

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