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How to Install a Face Recognition Model at the Edge with AWS IoT Greengrass

How to Install a Face Recognition Model at the Edge with AWS IoT Greengrass

Editor Note: This post is co-authored by Gong Xinyue, one of Global Accounts Solution Architects. You might already know how to use AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass for remote device communication and control. With AWS IoT Greengrass Machine Learning (ML) Inference, you can run machine learning models on your local devices without any […]

Connecting Disparate Industrial Devices and Applications from the Plant Floor to AWS Using KEPServerEX

Connecting Disparate Industrial Devices and Applications from the Plant Floor to AWS Using KEPServerEX

When managing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data, it can be challenging to collect and send this data to the cloud for processing and advanced analytics (for example, to predict quality or equipment failure). There might be many different devices on a manufacturing floor, each with its own protocol. In this blog post, we discuss […]

Deploy AWS IoT Greengrass as a Snap to Your Edge Devices

Canonical and AWS have collaborated to offer AWS IoT Greengrass as snap, a containerized software package that can run on a variety of Linux distributions. The combination of AWS IoT Greengrass and Ubuntu Core provides IoT developers with a fast path from development to production for their secure device. The AWS IoT Greengrass snap, available […]

Automating Security Remediation Using AWS IoT Device Defender

An IoT solution requires managing a large number of devices, usually hundreds of thousands or millions. When you start to work at a large scale, you need to keep your fleet protected by continuously checking if it is following security best practices. It can be challenging for organizations to audit all devices and automatically remediate […]

Use AWS IoT Device Management fleet indexing to identify and visualize fleet state

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use new capabilities of AWS IoT Device Management fleet indexing. Starting now, you can use aggregation queries in conjunction with AWS Lambda and Amazon CloudWatch to automate fleet monitoring. When managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it can be challenging to monitor the state of the […]

Your Guide to AWS IoT at NVIDIA GTC 2019

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2019 is almost here! We don’t want you to miss any IoT content, so in this blog post we’ll share some technical demonstrations that show how emerging technologies, including IoT, edge computing, AI and machine learning, and robotics, will shape our world. In the AWS Booth (#1221) Anomaly Detection in […]

Using AWS IoT Services for Asset Condition Monitoring

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) presents an unparalleled opportunity for every industry to address core business challenges, such as reducing downtime, improving safety, increasing system output, reducing operating costs, and creating innovative services and business models. In this blog post, I will show how you can use AWS IoT services to build an asset […]

Before Developing Real Devices: Exploring a Business Outcome with Simulated Devices

Realize business outcomes with the IoT Device Simulator, AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon QuickSight, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau Customers often get wrapped up in slower hardware development cycles before they have real, potential business outcomes identified and agreed upon for their business. This post highlights how customers should consider using simulated devices to explore business […]

Use AWS IoT Device Defender to detect statistical anomalies and to visualize your device security metrics

AWS IoT Device Defender supports your efforts to secure your IoT device fleet. AWS IoT Device Defender Detect establishes a baseline behavior for IoT devices and then identifies devices that do not conform as anomalous. AWS IoT Device Defender Detect operates on security profiles, which are applied to the entire device fleet, or to a […]