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Easy and accurate forecasting with AutoGluon-TimeSeries

AutoGluon-TimeSeries is the latest addition to AutoGluon, which helps you easily build powerful time series forecasting models with as little as three lines of code. Time series forecasting is a common task in a wide array of industries as well as scientific domains. Having access to reliable forecasts for supply, demand, or capacity is crucial […]

Creating neural time series models with Gluon Time Series

by Jan Gasthaus, Alexander Alexandrov, Michael Bohlke-Schneider, Danielle Robinson, David Salinas, Valentin Flunkert, Konstantinos Benidis, Syama Rangapuram, Richard Lee, Jasper Schulz, Lorenzo Stella, Tim Januschowski, and Bernie Wang | on | in Artificial Intelligence, Gluon | Permalink | Comments |  Share

We are excited to announce the open source release of Gluon Time Series (GluonTS), a Python toolkit developed by Amazon scientists for building, evaluating, and comparing deep learning–based time series models. GluonTS is based on the Gluon interface to Apache MXNet and provides components that make building time series models simple and efficient. In this […]