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AWS media tech demo: Media services application mapping visualization and monitoring

Whether you’re managing a live event or a 24/7 channel, you want to figure out which part of your workflow needs attention as fast as possible. A highly-available, resilient live streaming workflow should keep providing viewers a working, high-quality experience, even if some of the elements that make up the workflow are degraded or failing.

This is achieved with a well-architected cloud solution which has distributed services, redundancy, and auto-scaling.

This means there is a need for a top-down view of the the entire workflow and how it’s connected. Ideally, a single error should not impact live streaming output. This makes it important to ensure there is robust monitoring and alerting across the workflow, so operational teams can be made aware of problems, and action can be taken to fix issues before any of them get worse, or multiply to the point where your audience experience is impacted.

In order to do this, time is wasted in the console matching URLs, ARNs and IDs, to figure out where an issues stemmed from.

AWS created the Media Services Application Mapper (MSAM) solution, which displays all the elements making up a live channel and the logical connections between the AWS service, media services, and other components. It provides a holistic view of a live channel and visualizes error messages, alert counts, and produces a list of confidence-ranked root causes for problematic workflows. MSAM reduces the time it takes to diagnose and troubleshoot errors by providing flexible alarm configurations and is customizable to fit the requirements of operational support teams and network operation centers.

Watch the video below to see the MSAM solution demonstration, then head over to the Solutions page to find out more.

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