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Media & Entertainment guide to AWS re:Invent 2018

From November 26 through November 30, over 50,000 attendees will spread out across seven venues on the Las Vegas Strip, which promises to make re:Invent 2018 the biggest re:Invent yet.

For M&E attendees looking to get the most of their experience, you can follow the below steps:

  • Register for re:Invent
  • Learn more about event logistics
  • You can start planning your schedule now. Seat reservations open Oct 11
  • Looking for M&E-related sessions? With over fifty M&E-related sessions across breakouts, workshops, chalk talks, and builder sessions, we have something for media business leaders, technologists, and developers alike. Start planning your schedule now. To get the most up-to-date list click this link. Some highlights below:

Breakout spotlight:

MAE201-L: How do you lead billion-dollar media organizations to the cloud? Hear first-hand from tech leaders who did just that at the re:Invent Media & Entertainment Leadership Session: The State of the Industry, What’s New from AWS for M&E, and The Executive Perspective.

MAE306: The world’s leading content creators, broadcasters, OTTs, and distributors rely on Deluxe’s experience and expertise to create, transform, localize, and distribute content. In this session, Deluxe’s Chief Architect and Cloud SVP talk about Operationalizing Machine Learning to Deliver Content at Scale

CTD202: If public sector readiness relies on technology, the tools that analysts rely on must be mission-critical ready for engagement at all times. In this session, hear directly from the people who led this initiative discuss the success at the USD(I)-governed and NGA-led 2018 Enterprise Challenge event.

CTD204: You do not have to be a big media company to build you own OTT video workflow. Learn how a university quickly created a live streaming workflow using AWS Elemental to reach hundreds of schools with educational events.

CTD306: The way viewers expect to consume sports is completely changing; hear how Pac-12 Networks is completely changing the core of its video delivery infrastructure by shifting from on-premises to AWS.

Other Breakout sessions

  • AIM404-R: Build, Train, and Deploy ML Models Quickly and Easily with Amazon SageMaker, ft. 21st Century Fox
  • CMP202: Scale Your Studio: Rendering with Spot and Deadline on AWS
  • CTD206: Broadcasting live sporting events; AWS Media Services for When it Matters Most
  • CTD305: Building and Moving Live Broadcasting to AWS
  • CTD317: Speed and Performance: How to Manage and Originate Live Video at Scale
  • API301: Modernizing Media Supply Chains with AWS Serverless


  • MAE303: Enhancing Media Workflows with Machine Learning
  • MAE309: Build an AWS Analytics Solution to Monitor the Video Streaming Experience
  • CMP422: Hands-On: Deploy Remote Graphics Desktops for Content Production
  • CTD412: Customize a “VOD on AWS”; Transcoding Solution with QC, DRM, and More
  • CTD413: Deploy, Customize, Start, & Monitor a Channel with Live Streaming on AWS

Chalk Talks

  • MAE301: Dissecting Media Asset Management Architecture and Media Archive TCO
  • MAE315: Blockchain for Media & Entertainment – Buzz or Real?
  • CTD401: Who’s that Lord? Build Your Own Royal Wedding Celebrity Finder
  • CTD403: Personalized Ad Targeting Using Real-Time, Content-Aware Machine Learning
  • CMP320: VFX Rendering with Amazon EC2 for Windows on AWS with Thinkbox Deadline
  • STG357: Architecting Digital Media Archive Migrations with AWS
  • NET204: ALB User Authentication: Identity Management at Scale with Netflix
  • STG349: Cloud-Based Media Archival, Media Asset Management, & Supply Chain Workflows
  • SEC357-R: Turner’s Journey to Scale Securely on a Lean Budget


Hector Leano

Hector Leano

Héctor Leaño is the Global Marketing Lead for AWS Media & Entertainment practice.