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[Updated Oct 8] Media & Entertainment Guide to AWS re:Invent 2018

From November 26 through November 30, over 50,000 attendees will spread out across seven venues on the Las Vegas Strip, which promises to make re:Invent 2018 the biggest re:Invent yet.

For M&E attendees looking to get the most of their experience, you can follow the below steps:

  • Register for re:Invent
  • Learn more about event logistics
  • You can start planning your schedule now. Seat reservations open Oct 11
  • Looking for M&E-related sessions? With over fifty M&E-related sessions across breakouts, workshops, chalktalks, and builder sessions, we have something for media business leaders, technologists, and developers alike. Start planning your schedule now. To get the most up-to-date list click this link. Some highlights below:

Breakout sessions

  • MAE201: M&E Leadership Session: A View from the C-Suite at 21st Century Fox, Discovery, and Hotstar
  • AIM404-R: Build, Train, and Deploy ML Models Quickly and Easily with Amazon SageMaker, ft. 21st Century Fox
  • CMP202: Scale Your Studio: Rendering with Spot and Deadline on AWS
  • CTD206: Broadcasting live sporting events; AWS Media Services for when it matters most
  • API301: Modernizing Media Supply Chains with AWS Serverless


  • MAE303: Enhancing Media Workflows with Machine Learning
  • MAE309: Build an AWS Analytics Solution to Monitor the Video Streaming Experience
  • CMP422: Hands-On: Deploy Remote Graphics Desktops for Content Production
  • CTD413: Deploy, Customize, Start, & Monitor a Channel with Live Streaming on AWS

Chalk Talks

  • MAE301: Dissecting Media Asset Management Architecture and Media Archive TCO
  • MAE315: Blockchain for Media & Entertainment – Buzz or Real?
  • CTD401: Who’s that Lord? Build Your Own Royal Wedding Celebrity Finder
  • CTD403: Personalized Ad Targeting Using Real-Time, Content-Aware Machine Learning
  • CMP320: VFX Rendering with Amazon EC2 for Windows on AWS with Thinkbox Deadline
  • STG357: Architecting Digital Media Archive Migrations with AWS
  • NET204: ALB User Authentication: Identity Management at Scale with Netflix
  • STG349: Cloud-Based Media Archival, Media Asset Management, & Supply Chain Workflows
  • SEC357-R: Turner’s Journey to Scale Securely on a Lean Budget