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Behind the scenes: Media & Entertainment startup pitch night

On Thursday, December 6th, Filmologic together with AWS hosted a Media and Entertainment Startup Pitch Night at the AWS Pop-Up Loft in San Francisco. It was a great night where venture capitalists, industry leaders, technologists, and media and entertainment professionals gathered to hear from innovative seed stage startups in the media and entertainment industry.

Here’s what happened if you missed it:

Featured Startups

We had 6 media technology startups pitch to our panel of judges, covering a wide variety of fields.

We let filmmakers create photographic, cinematic images that don’t look like they came from a video game.

Otsimo is democratizing access to special education through its leading game-based learning app, teaching children core skills vital to cognitive and behavioral development.

Sarafan is an affiliate program for media monetization. It works on the base of AI engine Sarafan.AI, that recognizes fashion and beauty items in photos and videos and selects similar outfit in webstore.

Axum Graphics
We are developing cutting edge technology for cloud based, browser-hosted, interactive content streaming in real time.

Tinder for TV Shows.

3D made simple. Our user-friendly software makes it easy and quick for anyone to design and share a 3D virtual space in real-time, revolutionizing the way people can create and collaborate in 3D.

Each startup had five minutes to pitch to our panel of judges, which included investors Ben Werdmuller and Neil Devani and WW Business Development Head for Media Solutions at AWS, Christopher Kuthan. The discussion was moderated by Igor Boshoer, co-founder of Linc and organizer of the Filmologic community.

In addition to the presentations, everyone enjoyed food, drinks, and networking with people in the media technology community throughout the evening.

All the companies did a fantastic job of presenting and answering questions, and witnessing the pitches was a great experience for the entire audience. It was an opportunity to not only learn about new technologies and companies, but also to learn about pitching and what investors are looking for. The entire evening was inspirational for everyone there.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event!

Our startup pitch night would not have been a success without the support of our sponsors, judges, startups, and attendees – thank you!

Events like these are part of what inspires and supports the entrepreneurial culture that is rapidly changing our industry. Media technology drives how people interact with content and the world, and startups like these are shaping the future of media and entertainment. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for these companies.

Aaron Tunnell

Aaron Tunnell

Aaron Tunnell serves as the North America Business Development Manager for Media & Entertainment customers and workloads at Amazon Web Services. Aaron’s primary focus is on cloud and machine learning services, and how they can bring agility to an industry where change is constant and disruption by new direct to consumer business models is common. Prior to joining AWS, Aaron worked with a number of system integrators in the broadcast and post-production space, most recently as a founding member and CTO of Digital Video Group. Outside of work, Aaron strives to find the right balance between his love of burritos and mountain biking while raising a family in Richmond, Virginia.