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This is my architecture: TV Globo rendering VFX at scale with Thinkbox Deadline

In this episode of This Is My Architecture (in Portuguese with English subtitles), Thiago Abreu (Project Manager) explains how TV Globo architected a hybrid rendering solution with AWS. Using AWS Thinkbox Deadline, TV Globo can now scale their rendering workload in an elastic and cost-effective way using Amazon EC2 Spot instances. The near-limitless compute capacity afforded by AWS allows them to increase the volume and complexity of their visual effects work, and has resulted in improved overall quality as well. By using the AWS Portal in Deadline, their designers are able to continue to use the familiar Deadline Monitor, giving them the same user experience as before, now with the ability to automatically provision EC2 Spot instances when they need them from Deadline. In addition to being able to scale, they are also able to render sample frames to validate their work along the way, which reduces the amount of changes they have to make at the end and ultimately saves them time.

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Colin Cupp

Colin Cupp

Colin is the marketing lead for Media & Entertainment content production at AWS. Prior to joining AWS in 2018, he held marketing roles at Autodesk, Mochi Media, and Sun Microsystems. When he isn't working or renovating his fixer upper, he likes to explore San Diego beaches and parks with his family.