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Amazon Pinpoint 10DLC Campaign Types and Quotas for SMS

The following 10DLC Campaigns, or, Use Cases outlined in Table 2 are currently supported by Amazon Pinpoint. As part of the process to register for sending SMS to US based phone numbers you must select at least one Campaign that will be associated with the 10DLC number you procure. If you require more than one Use Case then you will need more than one 10DLC, or you can select the standard mixed use case which supports lower volumes of messages. Throughput is determined based on the company vetting score of the registered sender of the message and what is being sent, not on the amount of numbers associated with the Campaign. For a breakdown of vetting scores and quotas see below:

Throughput and Volume Quotas for 10DLC Vetted Companies

*Note that by default each number associated to a 10DLC campaign supports 1 MPS. In order to increase your numbers to match what your campaign qualifies for by carriers you will be required to submit a MPS increase request.

Table 1

Vetting Score Message Parts per Second (MPS) (AT&T Limits) Maximum daily messages (T-Mobile & Sprint)
High(75-100) 75 200,000
Medium-High(50-74) 40 40,000
Medium-Low(1-49) 4 10,000
Basic(0, Skipped Vetting) 0.2 2,000

Standard 10DLC Campaign Use Cases

Select the campaign that most closely aligns with your use case(s).

Table 2

Campaign/Use-Case Name Intended Use Cases
Account Notifications Status notifications about an account that the recipient is a part of or owns
Customer Care Communications related to support or account management
Delivery Notifications Notifications about the status of a delivery of a product or service
Fraud Alert Messaging Notifications related to potential fraudulent activity
Higher Education Messaging Messaging originating from colleges, universities, or other post-secondary education institutions
Low Volume Small throughput, any combination of use-cases. Examples include: test, demo accounts
Marketing Messaging Promotional content related to sales or other offers
Mixed Use Cases Covers multiple use cases such as Account Notifications and Delivery Notifications. Mixed campaigns have lower throughput than dedicated ones
Polling and Voting – Not for Political Use Delivering messages containing customer surveys or other voting related actions. Not for political use
Public Service Announcements (PSA) Messages intended to raise awareness of a particular topic
Security Alerts Notifications related to a compromised software or hardware system that requires recipients to take an action
Two Factor Authentication(2FA) or One-Time Password(OTP) Authentication, account verifications, or one-time passcode
Special Use Cases Currently Pinpoint supports only the following special use cases. These may require different registration processes and/or fees than the Standard Use Cases above
Charity / 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Communications from a registered company classified as a 501(c)(3). Does not include religious organizations