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Amazon SES Documentation Enhancements

I just wanted to bring your attention to some changes we’ve made to the Amazon SES documentation recently. We have listened to your feedback and are always working to make our documentation more helpful and easier to navigate.

The most notable updates we have made are:

  • We incorporated the Getting Started Guide with the Developer Guide, so you don’t have to change guides as you move from getting started and sending your first email to more advanced concepts.
  • We expanded the Getting Started section to include some introductory code samples in Java and C#. These new examples show you how to send an email in two ways: using the SMTP Interface and using an AWS SDK. We previously just had an example for the console.
  • We expanded the introduction to better explain where Amazon SES fits in to your email sending setup. We also explain basic Amazon SES concepts in terms of how they relate to deliverability, and discuss in more detail what happens when you send an email through Amazon SES.
  • We restructured the table of contents to make it easier to find the information you need.

If you’ve bookmarked links to the old documentation, your links should still work. They have been redirected to the new documentation.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for using Amazon SES!