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Inside MindTouch’s Modernization Journey with AWS

Even early adopters of the cloud can still benefit from modernizing their infrastructure. MindTouch is one example. MindTouch, with over 43 million active users, offers a knowledge management platform that allows organizations to create and publish content into a customizable self-service experience. MindTouch started its modernization journey with AWS in 2008 when they moved their Microsoft […]

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Why you should modernize with AWS (and leave your old guard vendor or technology behind)

Thousands of customers are modernizing their infrastructure, evident in the booming use of Linux versus Microsoft Windows and the shrinking use of Oracle database since 2013 even as open source engines rise, as Gartner data (e.g., State of the Open-Source DBMS Market 2018) shows. Most of this modernization is happening in the cloud as customers […]

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