Microsoft Workloads on AWS

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Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL Performance Testing Results

In this blog post, I will share results for Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL performance testing using the HammerDB database benchmarking tool. Based upon the results of testing various Aurora for PostgreSQL clusters hosting Babelfish, I will also provide recommendations on the optimal instance selection from the price-performance viewpoint. This blog post concludes with a summary […]

How to save 45% on licensing costs by migrating and optimizing SQL Server on AWS

Software licensing costs matter. Evolve Cloud Services, an AWS Partner who specializes in cloud and software licensing optimization, knows this full well. Recently, Evolve teamed up with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)—an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm—to analyze the results of 300 extensive Optimization and License Assessments conducted for organizations wanting to migrate their […]

Why customers choose AWS for their SQL workloads: AWS Partners weigh in

Strong partnerships matter. Ensono, an AWS Partner, migrated Guinness World Records’ Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server workloads out of their data centers to all-in on AWS. Customer feedback? Rob Howe, Director of IT for Guinness World Records, says in this video, “It’s such a key move for us. It’s gonna set the business up […]


Move end-of-support SQL Server to the cloud that runs and modernizes it best

Rather than offering a temporary fix with Extended Security Updates and incentivizing a cloud compromise, AWS is the cloud that truly focuses on delivering unmatched experience to our customers, no matter where they are in the cloud adoption journey, providing three outcome-driven pathways for customers to run and modernize their SQL Server workloads.

Why AWS is the cloud that modernizes SQL Server workloads best

Modernization matters. What do we mean by modernization? AWS defines modernization as the process of progressively transforming existing applications and infrastructure to extend into higher-value, cloud-built services that unlock new business capabilities, accelerate innovation, and reduce technical debt. AWS has helped thousands of customers modernize their SQL Server workloads to technologies built for the cloud, […]

AWS is the cloud customers choose for their SQL Server workloads

Experience matters. We have been investing in making AWS the best place to run Microsoft workloads since 2008 and have the most operational experience, at greater scale, of any cloud. We have also been running SQL Server workloads in the cloud longer than anyone else, giving us the unmatched experience to help organizations optimize and […]

Migration and modernization strategies for your SQL Server workloads on AWS

In this post, we explore various options to consider when optimizing your workloads to run on AWS. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your migration and modernization journey. Use this post as a guide to help you strategically decide and plan migrations for your SQL Server workloads. Migrating your workloads to AWS offers several advantages, […]

Performance Benchmark – SQL Server Workload on AWS and Azure

By Fred Wurden, General Manager, AWS Commercial Software Service, AWS Benchmarking AWS Drives Consistent Superior Performance at a Lower Cost for Online Transaction Processing In our continued quest to be customer obsessed and offer our customers the best cloud infrastructure for running Microsoft SQL server workloads, we worked with an independent third party to run […]

Managing Windows and SQL Server Licensing Costs as you Migrate to AWS

By Avinash Upadhyaya, Sr. Product Manager Technical According to a report published by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 80% of remaining on-premises workloads across the globe will be cloud candidates over the next five years. As companies continue to move these critical applications to the cloud, they face the decision to continue using their existing vendor […]

Why you should modernize legacy .NET applications on AWS (and how we can help)

Many organizations have legacy .NET Framework applications that they want to modernize to gain the agility, scalability, and cost savings of cloud-native technologies. One of the most effective ways to modernize .NET Framework applications is to move them to .NET on Linux runtimes, such as .NET Core on Linux or .NET 5. Moving to Linux […]