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Administering a Group of Instances using Run Command

Emily Freebairn, Software Development Engineer with Amazon Web Services. Frequently, engineers want to perform operational tasks across a group of instances. However, many of these tasks need to be performed at a controlled speed, and return feedback when there is a problem. Furthermore, administrators often want to ensure that engineers can perform only specific actions. […]

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Configure Amazon EC2 Instances in an Auto Scaling Group Using State Manager

When you are managing instances at scale, it’s important to be able to define and apply software configurations as well as ensuring that the instances don’t deviate from the expected state. That way, you can make sure that your applications and infrastructure operate as you’d expect. State Manager, which was launched as part of Amazon […]

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Replacing a Bastion Host with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

Bastion hosts (also called “jump servers”) are often used as a best practice for accessing privately accessible hosts within a system environment. For example, your system might include an application host that is not intended to be publicly accessible. To access it for product updates or managing system patches, you typically log in to a […]

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Use Parameter Store to Securely Access Secrets and Config Data in AWS CodeDeploy

Customers use AWS CodeDeploy to automate application deployment because it provides a uniform method for: Updating applications across development, staging, and production environments. Handling the complexity of updating applications and avoiding service downtime. However, deploying and configuring applications often requires access to secrets and configuration data, such as API keys or database passwords, in source […]

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