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Interesting Articles on EC2 Systems Manager Parameter Store

Recently, we have seen a few interesting articles on using Parameter Store, part of EC2 Systems Manager, to store and access secrets on AWS.

In his post, Simple Secrets Management via AWS’ EC2 Parameter Store, Matt Adorjan shows how to protect your AWS environment by securely storing secrets with Parameter Store and controlling access to secrets with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

In the Secrets in AWS post, Stephen Price describes how you can use Parameter Store to manage and use secrets in your favorite programming language. This Parameter Store capability makes it easy to handle secrets for cloud-based architectures, such as microservices or containerized applications.

Finally, in the Using Parameter Store with AWS CodePipeline post by Trey McElhattan from Stelligent, you can learn about using Parameter Store and AWS CodePipeline as part of your continuous delivery pipeline.