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Recover your impaired instances using EC2Rescue and Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation

Have you ever had an issue connecting to your Amazon EC2 Windows instance? This can be caused by any number of different reasons, but is almost always related to how the instance is configured. Unfortunately, if you can’t connect to it, you can’t fix it! Earlier this year, AWS announced EC2Rescue for Windows, a convenient, […]

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager as a General-Purpose DevOps Tool

This guest post was written by Andrew Rout, Engineer at Riverbed SteelCentral Office of the CTO A long time ago, a manufacturer in Cincinnati invented Play-Doh to be used as a wallpaper cleaner. Twenty years later, an even better purpose was found for it, and kids everywhere rejoiced. History repeats itself with Amazon EC2 Systems […]

Automate remediation actions for Amazon EC2 notifications and beyond using EC2 Systems Manager Automation and AWS Health

You can use EC2 Systems Manager Automation to take remediation actions in response to events that may impact your AWS resources. To illustrate this concept, this post guides you through setting up automated remediation actions when an Amazon EBS backed Amazon EC2 instance is scheduled for retirement. An instance is scheduled to be retired when […]

Manage your fleet at scale using EC2 Systems Manager

This guest post was written by Michael Baker, who works as a DevOps Engineer for the Infrastructure Engineering team at Bulletproof The Bulletproof Group Limited has spent many years investing in system automation to assist with fleet management at scale. More recently, we have spent a significant amount of time working with Amazon EC2 Systems […]

The Right Way to Store Secrets using Parameter Store

Since 2018, AWS recommends that you secure secrets like passwords, API keys, SSH keys, IAM keys, and other credentials in AWS Secrets Manager. To learn more, see the documentation. —- This guest post was written by Evan Johnson, who works in the Security team at Segment. The way companies manage application secrets is critical. Even […]

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation is now a Amazon CloudWatch Events Target

Today we are excited to announce a new target for Amazon CloudWatch Events: Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation. Through this integration, Automation workflows can be triggered by a schedule, or when specific AWS system events occur. Automation is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager.  Using Automation you can build workflows that are streamlined, repeatable and auditable. […]

Maintenance Windows: Support for New Task Types Using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

In Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, the Maintenance Windows service allows you to define a set of tasks, along with the instances where those tasks should be run and a run schedule. In this post, I talk about a new feature for Maintenance Windows—support for New Task types. Maintenance Windows now supports Systems Manager Automation documents, […]

Improving Security through Delegated Administration with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation

EC2 Systems Manager Automation simplifies common system maintenance and deployment tasks. You can create workflows to automate repetitive tasks such as systems configuration, deployment and maintenance. Workflows are authored in JSON and saved as Automation documents. Automation service operates in the context of the user that invokes the execution. Automation documents can be authored with […]

Secure, Scalable, and Efficient Instance Management Using Amazon EC2 Run Command

This post was written by Miguel João, Cloud Software Engineer at OutSystems. The OutSystems low-code development platform allows users to create and deliver high-quality web and mobile apps a lot faster, leveraging all the advantages of visual programming with few of the drawbacks. Of course, providing this high productivity, enterprise-grade Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution can be […]

Combating Configuration Drift Using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager and Windows PowerShell DSC

Configuration drift occurs when a system “drifts” or changes from its intended configuration. It is caused by having inconsistent configuration items (CIs) across environments. Amazon EC2 Systems Manager is a management service that helps you automatically collect a software inventory, apply OS patches, create system images, and configure Windows and Linux operating systems. These capabilities […]