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Migrate Business Logic from Database to Application for Faster Innovation and Flexibility

Migrate Business Logic from Database to Application for Faster Innovation and Flexibility

This post was co-authored with Alex Kirpichny and Evgenia Chernyak (from Ispirer Systems) Introduction Many monolith applications have business logic in the database layer in the form of stored procedures and functions. Businesses have built and maintained their applications using PL/SQL, a reliable and robust programming language. As the technology landscape advances, harnessing the capabilities […]

Modernizing WebLogic application to Cloud Native on AWS (Part 1)

Background In a typical 3-tier application architecture, WebLogic is an application server that runs on a middle tier between back-end databases and browser-based clients. WebLogic allows users to develop and deploy an application that has business logic and allows the application to access other services like database, messaging, or other enterprise systems. Many customers still […]

Simplify Modernization of your monolithic application using Amazon VPC Lattice

The term “digital transformation” describes the implementation of new technologies, talents, and processes to remain competitive in an ever-changing technology landscape. Companies must embrace transformation initiatives to gain benefits such as improving productivity, improving customer experiences and reduce operational costs. A successful transformation journey involves both Migration and Modernization.  Modernization is the refactoring of legacy technology by […]

Achieve domain consistency in event-driven architectures

Application modernization is an important and growing migration strategy for many businesses. Most applications begin as a monolith, focusing on a specific business use case. As businesses grow, so does the complexity and number of business use-cases that their monoliths must support. This causes monolith application components to be tightly coupled and less cohesive, making […]

Auto discovery and dynamic route registration of services running in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces

AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces automates infrastructure management, and traffic routing between monolithic and microservices endpoints. It uses two key constructs, service and route, to distribute incoming user traffic between monolithic and microservices endpoints. You can create the service and route configuration in Refactor Spaces from either the AWS Management Console, CLI, or the service […]