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Alexandr Moroz

Author: Alexandr Moroz

Alex Moroz is a product manager at Amazon Route 53, a highly available and scalable cloud DNS web service. He focuses on topics related to service discovery and microservice-based architectures. In his prior role with CA, Alex led the product side of Mobile API Gateway and pioneered open sourcing of the SDKs that helped developers build secure mobile and IoT apps faster.

AWS Cloud Map service discovery for serverless applications

Microservices-based architecture helps reduce the complexity of application components, while posing a new class of problems related to the connectivity between microservices. Keeping track of all your application components, whether custom-built or managed AWS services, across multiple stages and deployments is a challenging task. AWS Cloud Map is a fully-managed service discovery tool for all […]

Service Disvovery with ECS and Kubernetes

Unified Service Discovery with Amazon ECS and Kubernetes

中文版 Starting today, you can leverage unified service discovery for services managed by Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Kubernetes. We recently introduced ECS Service Discovery, which makes it easy for containerized services to discover and connect with each other by creating and managing a registry of service names using the Amazon Route 53 […]