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Open Source News Roundup: April 22, 2019

Upcoming Events RailsConf (April 30-May 2 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) – Lounge & Lanyard Sponsor. Workshop on Going Serverless with Ruby on AWS Lambda by Alex Wood and Jingyi Chen. PyCon (May 1-9 in Cleveland, Ohio) – Platinum Sponsor. Come find us at Booth #439 to see how AWS <3 Python. Percona Live (May 28-30 in […]

Open Distro for Elasticsearch Security plugin's main Kibana panel

LDAP Integration for Open Distro for Elasticsearch

中文版 – Open Distro for Elasticsearch’s security plugin comes with authentication and access control out of the box. In prior posts we showed how you can change your admin password in Open Distro for Elasticsearch and how you can add your own SSL certificates to Open Distro for Elasticsearch. One of the key steps to using […]

Open Distro for Elasticsearch logo

Open Distro for Elasticsearch Debian Packages Now Available for Version 0.8.0

中文版 – You can now download Open Distro for Elasticsearch version 0.8.0 for Debian and Ubuntu environments. Open Distro for Elasticsearch 0.8.0 is built on the Apache 2.0 licensed versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana 6.6.2. See the Open Distro for Elasticsearch downloads page for instructions on how to download and install the .deb packages. Note: […]

Lightweight Debugging with Performance Analyzer and PerfTop in Open Distro for Elasticsearch

中文版 – When you want to monitor your Elasticsearch cluster or debug an issue, you have a number of choices. You can use the various _cat and stats APIs to pull information out of the cluster. You can monitor and profile the JVM itself. These options can be cumbersome, and they lack visual displays. While […]

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New Release: Open Distro for Elasticsearch version 0.8.0

中文版 – Open Distro for Elasticsearch 0.8.0 is now available for you to download and run. Release highlights include support for Elasticsearch 6.6.2, Kibana 6.6.2 and various minor enhancements and bug fixes for the plugins. The alerting plugin has been updated to the latest Kotlin version 1.3. The SQL plugin index pattern queries have been fixed […]

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Open Source News Roundup: April 8, 2019

中文版 Databases New MySQL / PostgreSQL version support on RDS – Amazon RDS now supports MySQL Community Edition minor versions 5.7.25 and 5.7.24, and MariaDB minor version 10.2.21 in all AWS regions, and Amazon RDS now supports PostgreSQL major version 11. Open Source Contributions Amazon ElastiCache contributed a new feature to the redis performance benchmark, […]

Monitor Triggered.

Use Open Distro for Elasticsearch to Alert on Security Events

Open Distro for Elasticsearch’s Security plugin ships with the capability to create an audit log to track access to your cluster. You can surface various types of audit events like authentications, and failed logins. In a prior post, we covered the basics of setting an alert in Open Distro for Elasticsearch. In this post, we […]

Set an Alert in Open Distro for Elasticsearch

中文版 – One of Elasticsearch’s primary use cases is log analytics: you collect logs from your infrastructure, transform each log line into JSON documents, and send those documents to Elasticsearch’s _bulk API. A transformed log line contains many fields, each containing values. For instance, an Apache Web Log line has a source IP address field, […]

Using the FSx for Lustre CSI Driver with Amazon EKS

中文版 – The Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a standard for exposing storage on top of container orchestrators such as Mesos or Kubernetes. CSI gives storage providers like AWS the opportunity to create a thin wrapper which will allow a Kubernetes cluster to automatically provision and manage the entire lifecycle of the storage class. Storage […]