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Podcast: AI tech named automated reasoning provides next-gen cloud security

AWS just released a new podcast on how next generation security technology, backed by automated reasoning, is providing you higher levels of assurance for key components of your AWS architecture. Byron Cook, Director of the AWS Automated Reasoning Group, discusses how automated reasoning is embedded within AWS services and code and the tools customers can take advantage of today to achieve provable security.

Here’s a direct link to listen to it.

As the AWS cloud continues to grow, offering more services and features for you to architect your environment, AWS is working to ensure that the security of the cloud meets the pace of growth and your needs. To address the evolving threat landscape, AWS has made it easier to operate workloads securely in the cloud with a host of services and features that strengthen your security posture. Using automated reasoning, a branch of artificial intelligence, AWS is implementing next-generation security technology to help secure its platform. Automated reasoning at AWS helps customers verify and ensure continuous security of key components in the cloud, providing provable security—the highest assurance of cloud security.

Automated reasoning is powered by mathematical logic and consists of designing and implementing mechanized mathematical proofs that key components in the cloud are operating in alignment with customers’ intended security measures. With automated reasoning, AWS enables customers to detect entire classes of misconfigurations that could potentially expose vulnerable data. This relieves the customers’ burden of having to manually verify increasingly granular configurations for a complex organization, providing new levels of assurance that security verification scales with enterprise growth.

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Supriya Anand

Supriya is a Content Strategist at AWS working with the Automated Reasoning Group.