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Register for and Attend This Free April 27 Tech Talk—Deep Dive on Amazon Cloud Directory

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Update: This webinar is now available as a slide deck.

As part of the AWS Monthly Online Tech Talks series, AWS will present Deep Dive on Amazon Cloud Directory on Thursday, April 27. This tech talk will start at noon and end at 1:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

AWS Cloud Directory Expert Quint Van Deman will show you how Amazon Cloud Directory enables you to build flexible cloud-native directories for organizing hierarchies of data along multiple dimensions. Using Cloud Directory, you can easily build organizational charts, device registries, course catalogs, and network configurations with multiple hierarchies. For example, you can build an organizational chart with one hierarchy based on reporting structure, a second hierarchy based on physical location, and a third based on cost center.

You also will learn:

  • About the benefits and features of Cloud Directory.
  • The advantages of using Cloud Directory over traditional directory solutions.
  • How to efficiently organize hierarchies of data across multiple dimensions.
  • How to create and extend Cloud Directory schemas.
  • How to search your directory using strongly consistent and eventually consistent search APIs.

This tech talk is free. Register today.

– Craig