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Security is the top priority for Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) launched 15 years ago in March 2006, and became the first generally available service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS marked the fifteenth anniversary with AWS Pi Week—a week of in-depth streams and live events. During AWS Pi Week, AWS leaders and experts reviewed the history of AWS and Amazon S3, and some of the key decisions involved in building and evolving S3.

As part of this celebration, Werner Vogels, VP and CTO for, and Eric Brandwine, VP and Distinguished Engineer with AWS Security, had a conversation about the role of security in Amazon S3 and all AWS services. They touched on why customers come to AWS, and how AWS services grow with customers by providing built-in security that can progress to protections that are more complex, based on each customer’s specific needs. They also touched on how, starting with Amazon S3 over 15 years ago and continuing to this day, security is the top priority at AWS, and how nothing can proceed at AWS without security that customers can rely on.

“In security, there are constantly challenging tradeoffs,” Eric says. “The path that we’ve taken at AWS is that our services are usable, but secure by default.”

To learn more about how AWS helps secure its customers’ systems and information through a culture of security first, watch the video, and be sure to check out AWS Pi Week 2021: The Birth of the AWS Cloud.

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