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Enable Your Federated Users to Work in the AWS Management Console for up to 12 Hours

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) supports identity federation, which enables external identities, such as users in your corporate directory, to sign in to the AWS Management Console via single sign-on (SSO). Now with a small configuration change, your AWS administrators can allow your federated users to work in the AWS Management Console for up […]

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How to Easily Identify Your Federated Users by Using AWS CloudTrail

Starting today, you can use AWS CloudTrail to track the activity of your federated users (web identity federation and Security Assertion Markup Language [SAML]). For example, you can now use CloudTrail to identify a SAML federated user who terminated an Amazon EC2 instance in your AWS account, or to identify a mobile application user who […]

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Use AWS CloudFormation to Configure Web Identity Federation

Web identity federation in AWS STS enables you to create apps where users can sign in using a web-based identity provider like Login with Amazon, Facebook, or Google. Your app can then trade identity information from the provider for temporary security credentials that the app can use to access AWS. The AWS mobile development team […]

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