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How STIGMA scaled their hope delivery app with the AWS Impact Accelerator

STIGMA is an asynchronous messaging app that connects people who are struggling with strangers who share their lived experience to give them living proof that what they’re going through is something they will get through. Participating in the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founder cohort helped STIGMA to come up with solutions that would improve the product experience for their members, while also helping the STIGMA team to hone skills such delivering a compelling pitch to investors.

A look back at the first year of the AWS Impact Accelerator

Reports show that only 1% of venture-backed founders are Black, 1.8% Latino, and 9% women. AWS aims to help change that. Last year, we launched the AWS Impact Accelerator for startups led by underrepresented founders—giving high-potential, pre-seed startups the tools and knowledge to reach key milestones, such as raising funds or being accepted to a seed-stage accelerator program, while creating powerful solutions in the cloud. Read on to find out more about each of the three cohorts we’ve held so far.

Selecting the right foundation model for your startup

When startups build generative artificial intelligence (AI) into their products, selecting a foundation model (FM) is one of the first and most critical steps. Everything from user experience and go-to-market, to hiring and profitability, can be affected by selecting the right model for your use case. Learn about the most impactful aspects to consider when selecting a foundation model to meet your startup’s needs.

How startup CFOs can integrate the cloud into their long-term success strategy

How startup CFOs can integrate the cloud into their long-term success strategy

Welcome to “The evolving role of the startup CFO” series, which features perspectives from prominent players in the startup ecosystem. These blog posts tackle critical questions, including: What does the role of today’s startup CFO entail and how will it evolve over the lifecycle of a startup? How can we most effectively support CFOs as the cloud increases its dominance within the organization and balance sheet? And can the CFO better navigate—and ultimately enable—the relationship between technical leaders, CTOs, and engineering teams?

Read on to learn from Danel Dayan, investor at Battery Ventures, a global, technology-focused investment firm