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Announcing the startups selected for the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founders cohort

As part of our $30 million commitment to provide underrepresented founders with the resources, capital, and community they need to level the startup playing field, we are announcing today the 20 companies that will participate in the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founders Cohort. The program kicks off this week in our HQ in Seattle and closes in 8 weeks, with an investor pitching day in New York—including the Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony, which is set to foreshadow a successful journey to the Latino-led companies that joined this cohort.

Bessemer’s Jeff Epstein on the best advice to startup CFOs navigating uncertain times

Bessemer’s Jeff Epstein on the best advice to startup CFOs navigating uncertain times

The Evolving Role of the Startup CFO” features perspectives from prominent players in the startup ecosystem to help CFOs better navigate—and ultimately enable—the relationship between technical leaders, CTOs, and engineering teams.

Leading our second spotlight is Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.

Andreessen Horowitz cofounder Ben Horowitz on the cloud, weathering economic turmoil, and building lasting relationships

Few people have seen the technology sector transform like Ben Horowitz. The Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) cofounder, entrepreneur, and New York Times-bestselling author has spent decades fostering innovation and building strong business relationships—and has plenty of wisdom to share. Horowitz spoke with Ruba Borno, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances, at […]

Evolutionary architectures series, part 3

“Evolutionary Architectures” is a four-part blog series that shows how solution designs and decisions evolve as companies go through the different stages of the startups lifecycle. In this series, we follow the aptly named Example Startup whose idea is to create a “fantasy stock market” application, similar to fantasy sports leagues. They envision holding four “tournaments” over the course of a year. The second blog described how the startup started evolving their technical solutions while the founders were getting ready for fund raising. In part 3, we will see how Example Startup further progresses in maturing their tech stack and positioning themselves well for scale.

How machine learning helps to build a modern app on AWS to combat financial fraud

Startups know firsthand how better technology can improve the quality of life: From AI/ML allowing scientists to better predict patient health outcomes, to cloud computing driving life-saving innovation, and modern apps enhancing accessibility. is one such startup improving quality of life. They use AWS technology to give customers in the banking and fintech industries a serverless modern application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly identify fraud, leading to more efficient operations and higher customer satisfaction.

How InsightFinder uses AWS solutions to build an AI-driven predictive observability platform

Holding onto your time—to be a spouse, to be a community member, to be an individual—is difficult, particularly in the world of startups. InsightFinder, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup that uses machine learning (ML) to help customers prevent outages in their cloud infrastructure, is on a mission to change that.

Founded by Helen Gu in 2016, InsightFinder uses unsupervised machine learning to make cloud infrastructure more reliable. The company’s AI-driven predictive observability platform helps companies to predict business-impacting incidents as well as pinpoint the root cause of impending incidents to avoid business loss and brand damage.

How Women@Startups is building a community of women founders

Founded in 2020, Women@Startups aims to provide visibility and voice to the challenges that women founders and women in technology face. The group intends to create a sense of belonging and support for women in tech, working to address the inequities and challenges faced by women in the industry. Through employee and customer support functions, the organization provides coaching, technical support, and connections to organizations that support funding.