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Celebrate with 12 days of AWS Activate

The holidays are almost here. We all know what that means … presents! This winter, we’re giving you the gift that keeps on giving—AWS Activate.

AWS Activate helps startups like yours grow and flourish, including AWS Activate credits and AWS Support credits. exclusive member-only offers, tailored guidance from AWS experts, and more. You may not be able to wrap it or put it under a tree—but it’s 100% free!

The benefits of AWS Activate for your startup

 AWS Activate helps your startup grow, scale affordably, and succeed while spending as little money as possible:

  • Join for free—new members receive up to $100,000 in AWS credits.
  • Receive expert technical and architecture support with up to $10,000 in AWS Support credits.
  • Build new infrastructure in the blink of an eye with handy pre-made templates.
  • Get special discounts and deals on things like services, tools, memberships, and free products.
  • Access the AWS Activate Console, which offers information and support, including tailored guidance, details regarding your AWS credits, and much more.

Just like ugly sweaters, one size doesn’t fit all—which is why we offer multiple membership tiers for AWS Activate. The Founders tier is for self-funded or funded (pre-series B) early stage startups, and the Portfolio tier is for startups already associated with an Activate Provider.

AWS Activate offers

Over the next 12 days, we’ll be decking the halls with deals and offers. Check back every day to unwrap a new gift handpicked just for you from the AWS Activate Provider network—hundreds of accelerators, angel investors, seed/venture capital firms, and other startup-enabling organizations. Let the savings snowball!

Day 1 – Asana

Asana allows users to manage formerly time-consuming daily tasks and key assignments all from a single, user-friendly platform. With everything safely stored in one place, you don’t have to worry about overlooking an important task or forgetting a critical job on your to-do list.

Get the offer: AWS Activate members receive one year of Asana at no cost. Campaign discount code: a4s-aws-holiday-12-free.

Day 2 – Confluent

Confluent is a cloud streaming platform based on Apache Kafka that is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming applications. Confluent for Startups allows you to deploy the power of Apache Kafka while maintaining the speed and agility that early-stage startups need. The program received over 350 applications from startups from 47 countries and distributed $1 million in Confluent Cloud credits for free—all in its first year!

Get the offer: AWS Activate members receive up to $20,000 in Confluent Cloud credits.

Day 3 – QuickNode

QuickNode is building infrastructure and tooling to support the future of web3. Since 2017, they’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of top developers and companies, helping scale apps and providing high-performance access to 25+ blockchains.

Get the offer: Receive half a year—up to $5,000 value—of QuickNode for free.

Day 4 – Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-based software solution that consolidates various streams of communication—including phone, chat, and email—improving customer service and helping startups create stronger ties with their customers. Ali Rayl, Slack’s VP of Global Customer Experience, says, “I knew Zendesk Support would work if we reached the scale we were aiming for, and I also knew that the Zendesk API would allow us to build whatever we needed to meet our specific needs.”

Get the offer: AWS Activate members try six months free.

Day 5 – Vercel

Vercel’s frontend cloud provides the developer experience and infrastructure to build, scale, and secure a faster, more personalized web.

Get the offer: As an AWS Activate member, receive $1,200 worth of Vercel startup credits.

Day 6 – Slack

Slack is an AI-powered platform that increases team productivity by streamlining communication—helping team members stay on the same page, share easily, and work more effectively.

Get the offer: For one year, save 30% off eligible plan upgrades.

Day 7 – Miro

Miro is a virtual visual workspace that provides enterprise-grade infrastructure and security to help team members collaborate, communicate, and manage projects with ease—no matter where they are located. With Miro for AWS, teams can work together to build architectures with advanced diagramming tools and features like AWS Shape Packs, Reference Architecture Templates, and a Well-Architected Tool integration.

Get the offer: $1,000 credit for startups.

Day 8 – MongoDB

MongoDB is a document-oriented database program that helps developers build scalable applications with different types of data. Build the next generation of intelligent applications with MongoDB Atlas on AWS.

Get the offer: Those who sign up for a MongoDB Founders Title offer will receive up to $500 in MongoDB Cloud credits. Those who sign up for a MongoDB Portfolio Title offer will receive up to $5,000 in MongoDB cloud credits.

Day 9 – HubSpot

HubSpot offers tools to help startups find—and keep—new customers. They also offer a slew of resources intrinsic to growing your startup, including growth masterclasses, help with onboarding, software deals, and other perks.

Get the offer: As an AWS Activate member, benefit from up to 90% off on HubSpot.

Day 10 – Notion

Notion is a Connected Workspace where modern teams create and share docs, take notes, manage projects, and organize knowledge—all in one place.

Get the offer: Eligible AWS Activate members receive six months of Notion Plus for free, including Unlimited AI. Partner key: STARTUP4110P76480.

Day 11 – Intercom

Personalization is the name of the game for Intercom, which offers startups a unique and affordable customer service solution that combines an AI chatbot and a help desk with proactive support.

Get the offer: AWS Activate members benefit from Intercom’s AI-Powered Support Platform. This breaks down to 100% off in the 1st year, 50% off in the 2nd year, and a 20% off ongoing discount—up to $25,000 value.

Day 12 – Datadog

Datadog helps startups achieve better results by monitoring the different components of their cloud-scale applications, including tools, servers, containers, databases, and third-party services.

Get the offer: Benefit from up to $100,000 value with the Datadog Monitoring, Observability, and Security Platform. To qualify, you cannot be a current Datadog customer, you must join via AWS Activate, and you must have under $1.5 million in total funding.

AWS Activate offers year-round

The AWS Activate Console is the one-stop shop for special deals for AWS Activate members, with specially tailored tools, content, and resources all created specifically to help startups excel during every stage of their journey. Use the AWS Activate Console to get started on AWS and begin scaling your business.

If you’re looking to share an AWS Activate exclusive offer from your startup, check out how to become an AWS Activate Provider.

Chalaire Miller

Chalaire Miller

Web and Social Content Manager, Global SUP, AWS