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The Cloud from A to Z: The AWS Developer Workshop at Web Summit 2017

Web Summit wide shot

Courtesy of Web Summit

Serverless. The Internet of Things. Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Nascent ideas that were barely mentioned at the first Web Summit in 2009 are now front and center eight years later. Such concepts are exciting, especially as they get adopted by more and more consumers, but they are also trickier to understand than one might think.

Luckily, technical experts like AWS evangelists Danilo Poccia and Boaz Ziniman will be on hand at the AWS Developer Workshop to walk you through the ins and outs of building and running applications without thinking about servers, break down how to use the AWS IoT Button to build a real connected product, and more.

To get a preview of what our evangelists will be sharing a Web Summit, we’ll be presenting a series of interviews with our evangelist team. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll be talking about:

The Internet of Things (IoT)

“Several years ago, we were talking about smart refrigerators or speaker systems and general consumer products. Now, with the constant drop in ‘Things’ prices, the availability of necessary hardware and software, and the AWS IoT platform, we see developers using IoT magic in every aspect of our lives. From agriculture to transportation to household items, IoT devices help customers to get a better user experience, save resources, and be a source of valuable data that could not have been collected before.” — Boaz Ziniman

Going Serverless

“If you want to be fast in developing a new service or a new feature for your users, and be ready for production, then serverless architectures give you at least two advantages: you need less time for development, and if your idea is good, you are almost ready for production with scalability and availability built in. If you want to experiment with something new, or you want to build a prototype to quickly validate your idea, then building a serverless application will reduce your costs, because you don’t pay for idle time.” — Danilo Poccia

Stay connected

Web Summit, often dubbed the “largest tech conference in the world,” returns to Lisbon on Monday, November 6.  The real action, however, starts on Tuesday at the AWS Developer Workshop in Pavillion Two. We’ve scheduled three days of keynotes, demos, lectures, and hands-on labs, so stop on by and say hello. And if you can’t attend in person, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! We’ll be reporting on the most important talks, interviewing special guests, and generally covering the startup scene from the AWS Startups blog and Twitter handle. So follow us or subscribe to stay up to date.