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Engineers from Buzzfeed, Sprinklr and General Assembly Speak at AWS’s New York Summit

In addition to announcing a slew of new products at this year’s Summit New York in New York, AWS invited over a dozen up-and-coming startups to speak during our Startup Lightning Talks program. Participants included everyone from Buzzfeed to General Assembly to shopping site Spring.

You can watch the full lineup of speakers below:


Software engineer Justin Hines talks about his platform infrastructure team at Buzzfeed and Rig, their complete platform for containerized services on Amazon ECS.


Craig Danton, VP of Product at Enigma, on entity linking for risk using Spark-EMR.


Dan Applegate, cloud infrastructure engineer at Parsec, explains how his company wants to eliminate personal hardware and free everyone from the constant upgrade cycles required to keep up with the latest software—specifically in gaming.


In a talk entitled “Zero to K8s in 900 Seconds,” tech ops engineer Maggie Bashford Templement details how Animoto prototyped a Kubernetes environment in AWS with zero container orchestration experience.


Button software engineer Bennett Hiles on how he finally fell in love with a Titan (Prometheus, that is.)


Dash’s CTO and Co-founder Brian Langel on how the company encrypts traffic on DynamoDB.

Data engineer Tom Vogels on how Harry’s embraced Redshift, EMR, and more.


Jamal Mazhar, Sprinklr’s Head of Infrastructure, breaks down how the company addresses large-scale disaster recovery.


Justin Lintz, Spring’s Director of Web Operations, breaks down “simple infrastructures that simply scale.”


JumpRamp on real-time customer segmentation and activation using AWS.


Kit on building a custom analytics solution using AWS infrastructure.

General Assembly 

General Assembly on casually executing arbitrary code using AWS services.


Cadre explains how they use S3 to speed up development.