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Relay, BlackThorn Therapeutics and Insitro Demonstrate How Cloud Computing Helps Turn Science Fiction Into Reality

During re:Invent 2018, the AWS Health Care/Life Sciences team hosted an afternoon of sessions around the idea of how cloud computing helps turn science fiction into reality. Talks were organzed into three main topics: 1) the Lab of Future, which explored the rise of connected instruments, laboratory automation, data wrangling, capture/analysis of vast data sets, and putting near-infinite compute and storage at the fingertips of traditional scientists, 2) Computational Biology/Chemistry/Immunology, which highlighted everything from the impact of high performance compute from genomics to exploring/designing small molecules to engineering entire antibodies, and 3) machine learning for drug discovery, which featured guidance from leaders working on the bleeding edge of data science, as applied to therapeutics discovery and design.

3Scan, Tetrascience, Synthego, Ultivue, Gencove, Goldfinch Bio, Relay Therapeutics, Distributed Bio, Blackthorn Therapeutics, Insitro, and Atomwise all presented. Watch their individuals sessions above.