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How AppsFlyer Leverages AWS to Help Mobile Businesses Grow

Apple’s introduction of the iPhone in 2007 sent waves through the technology industry. It wasn’t the first mobile device that could be used to access the internet, but the intuitive interface and sleek design helped catapult it into mainstream popularity. The following year, the tech giant launched the App Store, effectively kicking off the birth of the mobile industry.

It’s been over a decade since both of those launches, and in that time many companies have been founded and grown to support the space. AppsFlyer, the provider of a mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, can trace its roots to this explosion. Founded in 2012, the San Francisco-based company aims to offer data-driven marketers what they need to be successful. Check out the above video interview of Alexander Grach, Head of Sales at AppsFlyer, to learn more about the company and how they leverage AWS to achieve optimal uptime and service continuity.