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Launching Startup Stories: Notes from Founders Vol.02


Disciplined, confident, competitive, determined, strong people skills. The list of the qualities that makes for a successful entrepreneur could fill a thousand blog posts. The reality of course, is that you don’t need these skills to start a company. They’re all abilities and traits that you learn, adopt, and often fail at while you grow.

As we celebrate the launch of Startup Stories: Notes from Founders Vol.02, we thank our featured founders for their generosity in openly sharing the trials and tribulations of startup life. The sense of inadequacy and self-doubt, juxtaposed with unwavering fortitude and the motivation to succeed, will be something many of you connect with. Personal anecdotes from visionaries who’ve built businesses spotting opportunities others pass by, to the trailblazing entrepreneurs developing new solutions to old problems, this collection of 25 startup stories presents a snapshot in time of the many highs and lows of what it takes to build a successful technology business.

Yet no matter the size and scale of the challenge at hand, the biggest advantage you still have working in your favor today, is the advancements in cloud technology. It doesn’t take a massive technical team to build an MVP that can handle petabytes of data, trillions of records, or billions of requests. Serverless, containers, machine learning, satellite capabilities, IoT, and an array of managed services available with a few key strokes enables all of that, putting the focus back where it matters: your customers and the products they grow to love.

The future is bright with innovative ideas ready to take flight, so this second volume of Founder Stories is dedicated to you. We encourage you to read these inspiring stories, and take that first step towards building great products that will delight customers. Because the future isn’t made up of a handful of dominant mega corporations. It’s filled with hundreds of thousands of small businesses like yours, addressing the gaps relevant to all the niches, needs, and future problems faced by our communities. I personally want to thank you for having your vision and the drive to take that first step forward.

Enjoy the series. Build on.