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Wirewheel Founder and CEO Justin Antonipillai talks about GDPR

What Startups Need to Know About GDPR

Whether just starting a company or migrating your existing storage or applications, issues of cybersecurity, speed and scalability are high on every company’s checklist. Now, privacy and “data protection” (as this area is called in Europe) can join that list.

Stealth Security

Fighting Off the Bad Guys with Stealth Security

Stealth Security helps companies proactively defend their online businesses and customer data from automated attacks that evade traditional security and anti-fraud tools, such as credential verification, fake account creation, content theft and scraping, and web DDoS.


Talking Health and HIPAA Compliance with Wellpepper

This post is part of the Startups on Air series. Startup Evangelist Mackenzie Kosut visits different startups and learns who they are, what they do, and how they use AWS. Wellpepper is a platform for digital patient treatment plans that helps patients to follow instructions, empowers them to self-manage their healthcare outside the clinic, and connects […]

Intel Drone 100 Light Show AWS

The Future of Drones is Bright!

By Amanda Mackay, Loft Manager, AWS Startups I haven’t been on a vacation in the past six months where I didn’t see a drone. Just last weekend I was at the top of Donner Summit taking in the beauty of the Sierra Mountains, only to have one zoom past me to get the perfect photo…one […]